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The Capsule Collab

Creativity Booster Pack

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Curated for you by writing coach Marina Crouse, this Creativity Booster Pack is a collection is for the writer, the maker, and the doer to inspire you to CREATE!

This Creativity Booster Pack contains:

  • "There Are No Rules" Notebook 
  • Grammar Pencil Pack
  • "Here's The Plan" Sticky Notes
  • Randomly Selected Sticker ("You are enough" or "Doing my best")
  • One admission to Marina's Weekly Writing Sprint ($15 value)

The "No Rules" Notebook is a place to jot down all of your creative thoughts - do a brain dump, start a story, write your to-do list! Keep your thoughts organized with the "Here's The Plan" Sticky Note set that makes the perfect desk companion. Write it all down with the pre-sharpened Grammar Pencil Pack. Pop your sticker in a place where you can see the message daily and look at it when you need it the most. ❤️

As an addition to this pack, you get a free admission to one of Marina's Weekly Writing Sprints (a $15 value)! You can work on whatever you want during this time alongside other creatives who are also doing the damn thing. Creativity = boosted. 

Marina's suggested add-ons: